Premier "Voice"

Premier "Voice"

Vladimir Polyakov - Voice (OST "Big Country Voices", ROZHDEN cover)

The 'Day of music in film' party took place on 4th of September, in contribution to the annual 'New Wave' event. Our team became the official partners of this widely known occurrence.

News and details of what exactly happened on stage will reach you later. For now, we are revealing that at the grand after party, organised by our team, the audience witnessed the premier of the video clip for 'Znaesh', introduced in our film 'Big Country Voices'. The clip features slight elements from Sin City inspired by the ever popular comic strips , as well as imagery from the movie itself. The story line, however, shares no similarities with the plot of the film.

The song is performed by the Renovatio's general producer V. Polyakov with A. Belyaev.

Concept developed by V Polyakov.

Director of montage - Marina Kiss. 

The video received positive reviews and was most warmly welcomed during the evening.

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